Code of Conduct

Greetings and welcome to, also known as the “Site” or “Service”. This Code of Conduct, identified as the “Code,” stands as a comprehensive guide on how to use our Site correctly and offers crucial advice to prevent any form of misuse.

It's essential to note that specific jurisdictions, such as England and Wales, the Republic of Ireland, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, and others, may have restrictions on certain ways you can use our Service. We retain the authority to decline Service to any customer from these restricted regions. This information is shared to ensure complete clarity and prevent any potential misunderstandings.

Upon entering and using our Site, you referred to as “you,” “your,” “yours,” or the “Customer,” pledge to adhere to this Code. Before utilizing our Service, we strongly urge you to meticulously review its contents. In case of any conflicts between this Code and other documents on the Site, the provisions of this Code will take precedence.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity involves a dedication to honesty, truthfulness, and fairness, coupled with a commitment to upholding professional and ethical standards in all academic pursuits. This Code firmly and unambiguously prohibits all forms of academic dishonesty, which encompass but are not restricted to:

  • imitation;
  • collusion;
  • fabrication;
  • contract cheating;
  • deceit;
  • falsification;
  • scam;
  • plagiarism;
  • sabotage.

It is of utmost importance that you avoid using our Site for any of the aforementioned activities. Our Service is intentionally crafted to aid and bolster customers in their educational endeavors, with a strong emphasis on upholding academic honesty.

Fair Use

The materials, referred to as the “Product,” are exclusively intended for personal use. The Product serves as a reference, guidance, and a source of inspiration, providing an illustrative example. It is explicitly prohibited for you to claim the Product as your own original work or assert authorship and copyright ownership.

You commit to utilizing the Product strictly as an example and agree to remove any Products from the Site once they have served their research or reference purposes.

The following actions are completely prohibited:

  • using the Products for commercial purposes;
  • selling or sharing the acquired Products or associated materials to third parties;
  • claiming the Products as your own original creations without providing appropriate attribution.

Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Obligations

It is crucial that you comply with all pertinent laws, regulations, and our guidelines while utilizing our Service. We reserve the authority to refuse Service to individuals who violate these conditions.

If you use our Service in violation of this Code, you acknowledge the potential for penalties in accordance with your regulations and applicable laws. Additionally, you consent to indemnify and release the Site, its affiliated entities, and individuals from any liabilities arising from your failure to comply with this Code.

Statements and Warranties

By using our Service, you confirm and assure that you will utilize it solely for legal, personal, and informational purposes.

You confirm and warrant that you will not:

  • breach honor codes, academic integrity guidelines, or any other conduct policies established by your educational institution;
  • endorse or engage in illegal or harmful activities;
  • use our Service for the purpose of uploading, sharing, or storing any information, or engaging in actions designed to perpetrate defraud, hoax, deceive, or mislead any individual;
  • violate, contravene, or circumvent any applicable local, federal, state, or other pertinent rules, laws, or regulations, including administrative rulings or court orders;
  • use our Service with malicious intent.


While we endeavor to provide top-quality Service, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, quality, or final results of our Products. These Products are meant exclusively for reference, and their use carries certain risks that you acknowledge and assume.

Changes to this Code

Please note that this Code may be subject to changes without prior notice. It is your responsibility to periodically review the Code to stay informed about any updates. By using our Service, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the provisions of this Code.

Contact Details

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Updated: November 9, 2023